Business Area

・Mail Order Business
・Producing, Importing, Exporting and Selling Soft Drinks, Fruit Drinks, Tea, Coffee and other beverages.
・Power Generation and Power Supply Business, utilizing environment-friendly natural energy,
e.g. Solar Power Generation, Wind Power Generation, Geothermal Power Generation,
Wave Activated Power Generation, etc.
・Researching, Studying and Developing Smart Grid.
・Studying and Developing Biomass Power Generation System and Biomass Power Generation Plant.



“Kakiteru-Hime” (Princess Kakiteru) is a new type of Hoshi-Gaki (Semi-dried persimmon) produced by new and original manufacturing methods we invented at Kabuchan Nouen. It is coloring-free and preservative-free, to keep its most of natural Kaki’s color and deliciousness. Nutrition value of Kakiteru-Hime is almost the same as usual Hoshi-Gaki.

In order for anti-oxidation, conventional Hoshi-Gaki is fumigated by sulfur in its production process to keep its quality, while our newly developed unique production process for Kakiteru-Hime allows us to eliminate this process, which makes it more natural.

In addition, Kakiteru-Hime is produced inside the factory, not dried in the sun unlike conventional Hoshi-Gaki. Therefore the weather condition doesn’t affect the quality of KakiTeru-Hime, and it is free from harmful substances that makes it safer product.


【 Features of Kakiteru-Hime 】
● Ready to eat. Can be stored at room temperature.
● Additive-free and coloring-free.
● Beautiful appearance with natural Kaki color.
● Moist and soft texture.
● Gentle sweetness that evoke a image of beautiful sunshine.
● Exclusively using the persimmon “Ichida-Gaki” produced in Nagano Prefecture.


Kaki Candy is to feel relieved and mellow melts in your mouth.
It has been given an extract of Ichida-Kaki which is Japanese kaki persimmon concentrated fruit juice and add brown sugar.
It’s covered your throat preventing from drying.

Kaki Candy

【 Features of Kaki Candy 】
● Polyphenol 146mg par one package
● Containing brown sugar in Okinawa and Extract of Kaki



Delicious jelly is produced by Ichida-Kaki is a special product of Shinshu meets agar.
Ichida-Kaki made into the paste still keeps old familiar taste of Hoshi-Gaki (Semi-dried persimmon) and enjoy soft texture.
Subtly sweet flavor of “Kaki Jelly” is snackable foods as an individual packaging when fell to have sweet food a little bit at anytime, anywhere.


Corporate Data

Company Name Kefir, Inc.
(as Kefir, Inc.)
September 7, 2009 (Business founded in 1992)
Headquarter Kefir Bldg., 2-25-16 Kanda-Sudacho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL +81-3-5298-8211
FAX +81-3-3253-8200
Capital 400,000,000 Yen
Financial Data
(Unit: 000Yen)
Net Sales    72,155,743
Operating Income  5,545,498
Ordinary Income   122,048
Net Income      95,719
(Fiscal year ending July 31, 2016)
Executive Chief Executive Officer  Hideya Kaburaki
Kefir, Inc.

Corporate History

1992 Kefir Inc. is founded as a company selling Kefir Yogurt Starter.
1997 Establish our customer base for delivering Kefir Yogurt.
1999 Number of customers increases and we start advertising.
2000 Advertisement expands our customer base and sales.
Start directly importing Maple Syrup.
2001 Expands and diversifies our business areas.
2003 Rolls out to nationwide operation through full-page advertisements on national papers.
2009 Starts issuing our mail order catalog carrying wide range of products “Kefir Culture”.
2010 The completion of our new Headquarter building, “Kefir Building”.
2012 Starts Solar Power Generation business.
*Submits 15 applications for FIT (Feed-in tariff).
2013 Starts Woody Biomass Power Generation business.
*Applies for FIT for Kabuchan Village Forest Power Plant.
2015 Joins the commercialization project for Ultra Lightweight Vehicle(ULV) headed by Waseda Environmental Institute Co., Ltd.
2016 Starts construction of Geothermal Power Generation Plant in Beppu city in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu.
Small-scale Wind Power Generation Plant is to be constructed in Minami-kyusyu city in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu.

*Above Corporate History includes the history of Kefir, Inc before the merger.